Farmville 2: build your own farm and enriched online

If you ever wanted to build your own farm with a large garden and many animals, it looks like we found you a suitable alternative. Talk about Farmville 2 — simulator that will teach you to farm not worse than regular villager.

The player’s task — to build your own farm, located in picturesque suburb. In addition to the main house, which means, lives its owner, a player can also build industrial buildings (store, bakery, miniature dairy plant, etc.), as well as to build a large field for growing fruit, vegetables and berries.

Key Arsenal for the development and improvement of farm animals are. You can purchase pigs, chickens, cows and goats. Their food is provided by cereals which grow on player-created fields. Perhaps the main drawback of the game is the timeframe: in order to wait for a shoot of wheat or the ripening of berries, you need to wait about 30 minutes. The same applies to the production of products often can be a situation when a player has completed all the necessary steps and then he just nothing to do in the game, because the result will be available only after a certain amount of time.

All income of the player from possession of the farm are in the pantry — a special warehouse, which stores all products are manufactured and sourced by the user artifacts. The volume of such storage is limited to his expansion needed to get the keys, nails and locks (you can find them on the farm) that actually adds to the game more realism.

In FarmVille 2 you can even cook dishes such as cherry pie. Food, like other mined with a farm value that can be sold on the market – simply click on the Bulletin Board. The location of your farm the user places on their own.

Not the least interesting feature of the game is and hiring employees. Their number in the game indefinitely, each helper is opened by the development of the farm user. The wage-worker can perform a particular function: to fish, to work in the garden, care for animals. The main “currency” in the game are coins and stars at the expense of money you can buy new parts for your farm and to equip them and to provide additional levels and capabilities.

The game can be purchased on the link.

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