Fat modify your iPhone Battery, increasing work time by 4 times

Of course, iPhone users can endlessly complain about problems with their device, but one way or another, they all understand that iPhone is the best smartphone that has only one real problem — the battery. iPhone hold a charge long, but he has a beautiful slim body. The project’s Creator thinks a Fat Battery that many iPhone owners are willing to sacrifice slim for prolonged Autonomous operation.

Justin Leader in his video for Indiegogo talks about how much he don’t like ugly covers with built-in batteries, which are actually unable to significantly extend the operating time of your iPhone. However, they significantly increase the size of the device. Justin found a compromise.

Fat Battery offer to modify your iPhone 6s. Are they going to remove the battery and replace with a capacity of 6860 mAh. Battery capacity iPhone 6s — 1715 mAh. The founders of the project promise to increase autonomy in 4 times. Of course, for such a battery pack on the iPhone just doesn’t have room, so the company is ready to replace the housing.

After the procedure the iPhone 6s with a weight of 143 grams and thickness of 7.1 mm will weigh 238 g and is twice as thick. However, it is still thinner smartphone case with extra battery. The company plans to sell modified iPhone, and will be able to offer the procedure of modification for your device. The cost of the procedure had to be 300 dollars, but at the moment, the fundraising campaign is suspended as a solution to make the procedure cheaper.

It is noteworthy that Fat Battery cooperating with service centers and is ready to give a year warranty on your smartphone, which definitely will not accept under warranty at Apple after the modification.

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