Find My Device: a new app for finding lost smartphones

At the conference I/O Google has announced a new app Find My Device designed to locate lost smartphones. The program is now available for download in Google Play.

Find My Device is analogous to the service Find My iPhone. This app is designed to find lost or stolen smartphones. Users can start a call on the device, lock, and remotely erase important information, or look on the map where now there is a gadget.

If the user cannot find the phone in the apartment, then Find My Device activates the ringer on the highest volume even if the device is installed in librariile. This will allow you to quickly find the device. If a mobile device is lost somewhere on the street or in the restaurant, its current location can be viewed on the map.

When to return the smartphone or tablet is not possible, you can at least protect sensitive information. Find My Device allows you to quickly erase files from your phone remotely.

App Find My Device received a user-friendly interface: in the top of the screen clearly shows all the user owns the device that simplifies switching between them.

In the description of Find My Device indicated that the application runs on Google Play Protect. Apparently, we are talking about renamed the service Google to search for malicious activity of applications and devices.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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