Finger for smartphone: when tired friends like yourself

Engineer and researcher of issues of cooperation between computers and people mark Tassler presented MobiLimb is a compact device designed to change the way human interaction with a smartphone.

The device is a serial robotic manipulator with kinematic structure of the five mechanical joints. MobiLimb consists of four main parts: actuators, sensors, embedded electronics and controller. An unusual accessory can type text on the smartphone screen, scratching the user’s hand and transfer some of the information from mobile applications into reality.

The device received more possible scenarios, the team, the Brand has developed several texture coating mechanism. The first looks like a standard plastic shell. The second is made from fur, and the third from a material resembling leather, with a high degree of realism. This texture is made out of painted silicon Plastil Gel-10 used in the film industry, to create fake limbs and skin. Mark believes that the use of humanoid skin “illustrates the change of perception of the mobile device from an inanimate object to “almost” human nature”.

Unfortunately, the cost of the product and the date of commencement of sales, we are not yet known. Would you buy such a thing? If so, how much would you have paid (or how much would be demanded to pay you) for it? Also try to dream about ways to use that are not described in your video mark and write in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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