Firefox learn users to recommend sites

In the test version of the Mozilla Firefox browser introduced a feature that prigovarivaya sites that the user would like to visit.

The creators of the browser is told about a new option called Advance. According to the developers, it will offer people the sites similar to those of the resources they are viewing. Thus it will happen in real time. That is, if a person is looking for in the search recipe pasta, then Firefox will prompt you to visit the sites dedicated to cooking, where the recipes are. And if the user, for example, went to then the app will show a similar resources with the thematic articles.

Fans of the browser, and developers have registered for the Firefox Test Pilot, now I can test the new opportunity. For this you need to download a test version of the browser and enable the appropriate extension in the settings.

Mozilla employees pay special attention to the security of user data and promised to give people the ability to control the search history and web sites used for Advance.

When a new feature gets in the stable build of the browser, unknown. Now app developers want to find out how this idea will appeal to their audience.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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