Five useful accessories for iPad 2018

iPad 2018 will soon begin to be sold in Russia, but the accessories for it available now. We found five beautiful, high-quality and useful accessories for the new items.

Apple manufactures many high quality accessories, but the company is not able to satisfy all the needs of buyers, so come to the aid of third-party manufacturers. They produce accessories that are the same quality as Apple, and their price can be much lower.

Case Handwers (2690 RUB.)

The case consists of two layers of natural felt and a large leather pocket. This accessory will be useful for those who always carries a tablet with him, but doesn’t want to use it in the case. In the pocket you can put the Lightning cable or headphones.

Keyboard Logitech K780 (6390 RUB)

In 2018 there iPad smart connector, so the Apple branded keyboard it can not connect. Instead, the company offers to make use of accessories from other manufacturers. Keyboard Logitech K780 equipped with a special hole, where you can put the tablet. You can also connect it to a computer or smartphone.

Docking station Belkin (5490 RUB.)

Docking station Belkin can charge the iPad. It has a built-in Lightning connector and the power, so for it to work you only need to plug the cable into the socket. The manufacturer promises that the docking station is compatible with most cases, will not have to remove the case from the device.

Aluminum stand ($18 on Amazon)

Stand similar to the iMac foot. She has a special hole where you can thread the charging cable. It stands on four rubber feet and can change the tilt angle. The tablet is not scratched because it only applies to special rubber inserts.

Mount on car seat ($16 on Amazon)

This mount is clinging to the legs of the head restraint. The accessory can change the angle, so every passenger will be able to find their ideal position. For longer trips it is an indispensable accessory.

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