For Chinese students, followed by using smart forms

More than 10 schools in Guizhou province and the Guangxi Autonomous region Zhuang forced pupils to wear a smart-form from the company Guanyu Technology. With its help, parents and teachers can monitor the students.

Each form is equipped with sensors that determine when the student enters or leaves the school grounds. This data is then automatically sent to parents and teachers. To leave early or skipping class will not work, because the system immediately sends alert.

Form works in conjunction with a facial recognition system at the entrance to the school. It ensures that students do not share their form with each other and did not give it to other people. The chips inside the molds can withstand 500 washings and temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius.

According to the Director of one of the schools, after the introduction of new forms, attendance increased. She also added that through the form to monitor students outside of school, but teachers just don’t want to do it.

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Clifton Nichols

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