For employees, the FSB has created a bulletproof iPhone 7 [video]

Specifically for employees of the Federal security service of Russia created iPhone 7 out of bulletproof titanium. Device issued by the company Caviar designed especially for the Day of the FSB, which is celebrated on Tuesday.

For employees, the FSB has created a bulletproof iPhone 7 [video]

Exclusive iPhone came out in honor of the 99th celebration of the Day of the FSB. Smartphones made from durable bullet-proof material brand BT23] and also used in creating armor. The basis of the design model is the gold emblem of office and a sign with the motto “Cool head, hot heart and clean hands”.

The festival, which is popularly known as “chekist Day”, celebrated on December 20. To this date, Caviar has created a special limited edition of Forza FSB. A feature of the new model Forza FSB Gold LE is that key elements of the design on it covered with gold.

For employees, the FSB has created a bulletproof iPhone 7 [video]

“Composite background is presented in the form of a titanium texture “Damascus steel” and grooved titanium coating applied during the PVD technique. This durable bullet-proof material brand BT23] is also used to create body armor that guarantee the protection of the first class,” – said the creators of the smartphone.

The Caviar phones Forza withstand a shot from a Makarov pistol and provide even second class protection when fired from a distance of four meters.

“We Express our gratitude to those who fearlessly confronts danger and prevent terrorist threats. The design of the smartphone we have reflected this sense of strength, nobility, confidence and courage,” – said in Caviar.

The cost of 32-Gigabyte iPhone 7 from the limited edition is 207 000.

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