For hacking iOS paid a million dollars

Most hackers generally hack iOS “for themselves” and do not pursue material objectives (this is already taken care of in other ways). But sometimes there is a large customer who wishes to pay for information about the exploits of the mobile operating system from Apple a tidy sum. This customer was the company Zerodium.

She paid a group of hackers one million dollars for the creation of the untethered jailbreak which can jailbreak iOS remotely without intervention from the user. Simply put, just visit the webpage in Safari and not install third-party apps and “flash” the device with varying degrees of success.

The publication Wired reports that the experiment involved not iOS 9.0 or 9.0.2 and 9.1 and iOS beta version of iOS 9.2. It turns out Zerodium got in your Arsenal unique list of vulnerabilities for hacking the operating system. Nevertheless, specialists still call iOS the most secure mobile OS in the world.

Zerodium focuses on previously unknown exploits and “holes”, therefore, the remuneration of participants was so high. It is hoped that the company will notify Apple about the vulnerabilities found and will not use them for selfish purposes.

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