Foreign languages with busuu: tutor for 12 languages in one iPhone

To learn a foreign language is now possible not only with the tutor but also with their own smartphone. This is perfect busuu is one of the most popular apps in the Russian app Store.

The app allows you to learn at the same time 12 different languages in addition to English and Russian as a foreign language, choose French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and many others. After selecting the language user takes a short quiz on his knowledge: the test results will show what level of language proficiency is the learner, and adjust training under his individual characteristics. Passing the test takes about ten minutes.

As noted by users, especially in language learning busuu is through regular employment. To increase the level of their knowledge, the user only need to dedicate from 10 to 15 minutes a day. Courses are developed by professional linguists and is intended for the initial level of language proficiency, and professional. Each lesson is designed for a specific topic, e.g., travel, work, family. After passing each of them the user remembers not only the new words on the topic, but necessary to communicate speech patterns and designs.

The program, unlike competitive apps designed for language learning in the audio format. The user needs to listen to the dialogues and participate in text chat with other native speakers. Thus, the qapacity users practice foreign languages through direct contact with other people in different formats.

After each dialogue, the interlocutor (a native speaker) assesses the ability of the user and advises on what else you should pay attention in the learning process.

The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store. Nevertheless, additions such as working offline, unlimited access to lessons and conversations with native speakers, will have to pay: they are only available in the premium app package. Annual subscription it will cost 395 per month.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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