Former Apple employees told us about their difficult work

Difficult must be the work Apple employees. And at the same time, these people work every day on what we expect every year, that makes us admire. They cannot talk, they cannot make mistakes. What’s it like? Colleagues from Business Insider figured it out using your own sources and discussions on Quora.

Justin Maxwell worked as a designer of user interfaces at Apple. According to him, no company in Silicon valley so don’t protects its own secrets. Workers are not only forbidden to speak in public and on blogs. You should be careful, even when dealing with his wife. If Justin was still working at Apple, he would not say any of these words. He also talked about what every employee must know the code names of the products. It’s interesting, in his opinion, and makes all employees part of any special ordinances.

The company is taking tricks to identify the sources of leaks. In different parts of the company sent the documents with a modified grammar and punctuation. If any of the internal documents will be published by the media, the company will be able to understand why the Department was leaked.

Simon Woodside spoke about how he had to intimidate Apple’s engineers. He kept them in terror, telling what could happen if someone finds out about their work. They had not only to hide their labors from friends and relatives, but also from some colleagues. All you could close to know, is that the engineer is working on a secret project, and all the details were revealed only from the stage during the presentation of the new product.

A former Apple designer Andrew Borovsky told that regularly his works has been evaluated by company executives. No matter how low the position is engineer, he regularly sends a letter with positive assessment of his work or to stop to do shit.

“We don’t waste time on fools” — this answer got a designer Louis Abrau, who spent time on 8 calls and 5 interviews in Cupertino, but was never able to get a job at Apple.

A former Apple employee Ben Farrell told about the reason for his departure from the company. Even during treatment in the hospital and on the first morning after their wedding night he received calls and letters from the company with the requirements as soon as possible to return to service.

Former Apple CEO on Internet technologies talked a bit about the work schedule in the company. According to him, the night of the resurrection for many is not a time for rest as the next day a meeting of heads. To ensure that everything was ready, many Apple employees spend Sunday on the phone and in front of the computer.

Anonymous shared his love for the opportunity to wear casual clothes at work and to eat Apple. In his words — the food there is wonderful, but it’s the only thing that leaves positive emotions. The work constantly keeps in suspense. It is difficult to obtain and easy to lose, because you looking to replace more than enough. However, even the most reasonable offer from an employee to a lower position the guide looks very skeptical.

Andrew Guan has no confidence that in the U.S. the company adheres to the same traditions, but, according to him, in China culture among the staff can remind the craziness. He requested, as at the meeting of the managers be on the table and shouted: “Who are we?”. “We Are Apple!” — shout in response, the staff.

Austin Meyer compared the performance in Apple being on Board the aircraft during hostilities. Each is laid out on 100% and that gives you the opportunity to release a good product. To work slightly less than 100% is simply unacceptable, differently not to win.

Chad little, former Apple designer, said that a lot depended on Steve jobs. If the employee is working on something that did not get into the field of interest of Steve jobs, processes, approval decisions could take months. However, if Steve was interested in the project, everything went faster than anyone could even imagine.

According to the materials of Business Insider

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