Former owners of Android-smartphones told why they switched to iPhone

Voicing the results of each quarter, Apple announces record number of defectors from Android to iPhone. What Android devices refuse users and for some reason, Apple did not specify. Two years ago, many owners of “guglofonov” preferred iPhone 6 and 6 Plus because of the larger display. In 2015, the choice was facilitated by the release of a compact and productive iPhone SE.

At the moment, Android users interested in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus the most powerful in the industry with Apple Fusion A10 processor, excellent cameras and long-awaited protection from water and dust according to IP67 standard.

The latest version of mobile platform for iPhone and iPad, iOS 10, includes many useful features. Apple Watch can now automatically unlock the Mac, and Apple Pay earned in Safari. Overall, the Apple ecosystem is becoming more developed and comfortable.

In the publication iMore conducted a poll among the readers, who refused to Android devices in favor of iPhones. The answers were quite curious:

“I switched to the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black. Just tired of messing around with settings in Android, trying to make the system more convenient. I got great battery life, and everything just works. Besides, in my family all have iPhone so now I can use FaceTime. Also bought the Apple Watch,” writes a user with the nickname scmurphy13.

“I switched to iPhone after 5 years of using Android, mainly because of iMessage. Despite the fact that Android owns a large part of the market, 99% of my friends use the iPhone. It’s a lot better than the mess Google Hangouts, Messenger, Google Voice, and Allo Duo. Another advantage of iPhone is that, unlike Android, it doesn’t “eats” the battery over night while doing nothing. Of course, Siri is not as good as Google Now, but the benefits of the iPhone is much more,” reports KCAndroid1.

“Switched to iPhone 6s this month. Wanted my wife and children were iOS because Apple regularly releases updates and longer support their device than Android manufacturers. I miss the notifications on Android, the keyboard with a swipe and the ability to connect the phone to the computer and can easily transfer all necessary files. But I like the Continuity feature, Apple Pay, productivity applications and the ability to connect your phone to the audio system in the car. Most of all I like the fact that all phones in the family will get updates when they release the Apple, not when manufacturers or network operators decide that I need to upgrade,” says brat1475.

“Went with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Not for the reasons that have been voiced. I just began to irritate, many small things in Android that are not found in iOS. And I really don’t need all those buns offered by Android,” writes ronin_cse.

“Changed your S7 Edge, because I need stability. I get no reception at work, so used the calls on Wi-Fi. I had to restart Edge 2-3 times a day so everything worked fine. I can’t believe that even with a top spec the OS can lag. Especially Chrome. Besides, my wife has an iPhone, so convenient for us to use one platform. I know that iOS has its problems, but in a perfect world, Windows Phone could have more applications, but really it’s not, so I choose iOS,” says donkiluminate.

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