FotoForm: how to transform photos with iPhone photo prints

Almost every day we replenish albums on social networks or the phone’s memory – thanks to the widespread advent of cameras, you can take pictures at any occasions. But digital photography is ephemeral and unreliable: today hosting with pictures working, but tomorrow is not. In order not to lose important moments in life, photographs are still printed – it can be done in a beautiful album, book or magazine. Though not always the quality of the paper will be successful, and to get pictures with your phone and all sorts of “integramod” – that still torture. But the problem can be solved if you install the app FotoForm.

FotoForm is both a tool to create photobooks, and service delivery. Sounds complicated, but in practice it works very simply. You launch the app, which is already built templates to build photo albums or magazines. Choose your favorite collage, its load the desired images, create signatures or even write a complete text – for example, greeting the celebrant. Then – optional – wind the cute illustrations on the top and the book is ready – you made it right in the app. What is important, you do not even need an Internet connection, you can do masterpieces, for example, on a plane or a remote village.

Then proceed as follows. Pay for your creation online – the price depends on what you want: a book, magazine or photo album. Then wait three to 14 days – delivery “Mail of Russia” is included in the price. The application can check the order status – to do this, locate the appropriate tab in the side menu. If you don’t want to wait, you can order a separate Express delivery.

At the specified address you will receive a book that a week ago, you “typeset” in your phone. In the FotoForm assure that paper quality is extremely high – print professional equipment, using European materials. Customer reviews, these words are confirmed in the official group FotoForm in “Vkontakte” you can see a lot of positive feedback.

Since the service debuted recently, he is still missing a lot. The authors promise ideas to develop: for example, to fasten the horizontal layout in the phone and also adapt the app for iPad. In addition, currently available only for iOS, but in the development version on Android and WinPhone with Windows 8.

But now FotoForm is a cool and convenient way to make a memorable photo book that you can give on any occasion: from birthday to wedding. If you’ve always wanted to sculpt photos from “Vkontakte” in one big, beautiful thing, you know where to go.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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