Found a new way to get remote control over a foreign iPhone

Researchers in the field of security is recommended not to connect their iPhone to other people’s computers. This could end badly.

Found a new way to get remote control over a foreign iPhone

Experts from Symantec have identified a new method for remote control of the Apple smartphone by using Wi-Fi sync in iTunes.

How it works: the user connects the iPhone to the computer via USB, iOS asks the user whether to trust this computer. At this point a computer to enable synchronization via Wi-Fi and forever to organize themselves to access data on the iPhone. Even if he is disconnected from the PC and take it to another country.

“In fact, this error was discovered by accident. One of the employees wanted to connect your iPhone to the computer, but suddenly noticed that not connected to your device, and the device of another person, who has previously synchronized your iPhone with PC Roy. Naturally, Roy decided to see what he can do with a remotely connected gadget,” he described the situation one of the representatives of the company Symantec.

Found a new way to get remote control over a foreign iPhone

Syncing the computer with someone’s smartphone, you can install any software to download the backup with pictures, numbers, and TEXT messages. What’s more, “hackers” will be able to observe the device screen in real time and take screenshots of what is happening in the system.

Symantec does not know of any case gain control over the iPhone so in real life. However, this does not mean that such situations were not. Yes, “hacking” the phone so very difficult. Need a physical connection, wire, iTunes and so on. But it does not mean that nobody will take advantage of this gap. In any case, Apple is to attend to the safety of their devices and somehow inform users that their gadget syncs with any computer.

Those who are worried about their privacy should open your phone, go to menu “Main”, find menu “Reset” and choose “Reset network settings”.

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