Found a way to hide the dock on iPhone without jailbreak

In Apple believe that most iPhone and iPad users not interested in the visual transformation of iOS. As you know, it’s not. The popularity of solutions for the jailbreak proof. People actively use themes and a variety of tweaks to change the interface iOS. In this article we will focus on the solution software modding platform without having to jailbreak procedure.

On iPhone discovered a way to disable the standard dock bar in iOS. To do this, as it turned out, very simple, although the explanation for this phenomenon has not yet been found.

For starters the owners of “Apple” smartphones need to be stored on the device, the special image. Then the picture should open in the Photos application and set as a background image on the home screen. In the result, Doc disappears from the iPhone screen.

How to hide dock on iPhone without jailbreaking:

Step 1: you first need to open a browser page with the picture. Source address:

Step 2: Press and hold a finger on the picture in your browser and click “Save image”.

Step 3: Return to the home and open the Photos app.

Step 4: Locate the Wallpaper you saved in step 2, click the Share button.

Step 5: On the lower pane, locate the button “set as Wallpaper” and set it to “Home Screen” as shown in the screenshots below.

That’s all! This trick works on all Apple devices running iOS 9 and above, including beta version 3 and above. IPhone are supported with all screen resolutions.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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