Foxconn workers continue to die

On the eve of the premiere of the new generation of iPhone attention to Apple shown not only by the people interested in gadgets, but also to a wider audience. It was therefore evident, and a negative background accompanying passed the active stage of the production process of the new smartphone.

We already know that Foxconn in recent weeks, brought in tens of thousands of employees, who are concerned only with the production of the iPhone 7. It is reported that the scandals of the past years learned nothing from the user: employees have to work seven days a week 14 hours a day, which can not but affect their mental state.

As a result, according to Forbes magazine, over the past week, there were two deaths among Foxconn workers. In the first incident manifested all the signs of suicide: a factory worker in Zhengzhou jumped out the window of the last floor of the building enterprise.

The second incident at first glance looks like an accident: Foxconn worker on the way to work was hit by a train. However, if you examine the situation carefully, it becomes apparent that this time the death of an employee connected with his work. The fact is that in recent weeks in this region of China floods, which lead to transport problems. Late for work employees are exposed to serious penalties, so often, to quickly get on the train, they are forced to cross over the railroad tracks. Foxconn worker named Chen Jifang tried to cross the flooded path, but couldn’t get to the other end and was hit by a train.

Foxconn and Apple have already expressed their condolences to the relatives of their workers in these tragedies, but no promises about further change in the personnel policy was not given. Let’s hope that the background information surrounding the release of the new iPhone, will not continue to deteriorate and this important event will not be marred by the new incidents.

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