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A recent story about paid fraudulent subscriptions from cellular operators not only got hundreds of positive reviews from our readers, but also the attention of the press service of “MegaFon”, which seriously worried about this issue. As it turned out, to blame in this situation so much that you can write another scenario for the Brazilian series.

It all started with the fact that we found a number of suspicious banner ads from Google AdWords on a popular web site dedicated to auto racing. One of them even had a logo of “Megaphone” — it would seem that the poor may be holding a banner like this?

So we thought, but it was not so simple. Immediately place the redirect (the redirect to another page on the Internet), and opened a new page with the button “Watch” and warning that after clicking it we will be automatically subscribed to paid services. Money will be deducted without any confirmation. On the page there is a phone number and who we know from the last article content provider LLC “Information”.

By clicking on the “View” Client (Subscriber) of PJSC “MegaFon” in an explicit video agrees to purchase kinofil and Conditions of service. The subscription price 250 RUB. with VAT. Payment is made from the main account. Your room +7********56. The service is provided to the content provider LLC “Information”. The end date of the subscription period: 31.05.15.

But most importantly, this warning is bogus, a demonstration that it claims to have. SMS message about inability to connect for the paid subscription came long before we pressed the button “Watch”. We saw him immediately after clicking on the banner. If on the smartphone with the SIM card of “MegaFon” was not connected to the service to prohibit the use of subscription, 250 rubles would have been written off in a second after the click.

My first thought — Scam! MegaFon’s stealing our money! So you would write about this if we did not understand the question. This system is much more complicated, and, as in any other case, there were those who decided to go against it.

As have informed us in “the Megaphone” the operator is really engaged in making the paid subscriptions “in one click” (WAP-Click) without further confirmation, and at the request of users. Sites deliberately monetizing your traffic and display relevant banners to its users. However, there are rules that in our case and were violated.

First, the site owners do not have the right to set up a redirect (forwarding) with the help of such banner ads — the subscriber should not fall to another page. Secondly, the subscriber should not be charged a subscription fee before he presses the button “Watch”, “Listen” and so on. Simply put, he must see a warning about connecting subscription before it will be deducted money.

But RaceControl this condition is not fulfill. They send callers on the “left” pages and put a subscription fee before to show the user information about the paid subscription. As, they send the user to a third party service that is also forbidden.

The press service of “MegaFon” has assured us that these and many other sites where such violation, to be disconnected from the operator’s billing system — in other words, they will no longer be able to show relevant banners and deceive visitors. The same applies to the banner of “Megaphone” — its use is simply illegal.

This banner is not agreed with our company, and we didn’t give the rights to the logo in this way. Such banners that lead to paid subscription is a violation. On this occasion we will take action and the agent will be fined.

As shown by the survey among the readers, the relevant scheme was observed in “VimpelCom” MTS. However, from the statement posted above, it is possible to come to that conclusion. In addition, the video below shows that this is true.

Does this mean that all charges against the “Megaphone” can be removed? In fraudulent breach of the redirect and using its own billing system — Yes. But on the other hand, what prevents the operator to enter a confirmation SMS for each subscription? This would minimize the number of such cases.

But the fact that with the entry of this confirmation, “MegaFon” will be able to subscribe to mobile Internet for tablets and modems. Of course, the company will not operate at a loss.

On the other hand, technically the ability to identify the SIM card user (calls or Internet) is, therefore, from the operator of such a step would be quite logical. Until then, I advise you again to contact the call center of “Megaphone” with a request to establish a ban on the connection of paid subscriptions. And let’s help MegaFon to identify fraudulent sites — if you find such a page, please write directly to the head of business communications of the company “MegaFon” Maxim Matino at this address: [email protected].

If MegaFon does not have enough resources to combat fraud, we help him.

UPD: the Official comment of the company “the Megaphone”:

We informed all the agents about the inadmissibility of such advertising. Also once again drew the attention of the agents to the inadmissibility of the automatic redirection of our subscribers. In case of detection of such schemes they will be fined. Now we inspect on the facts of the revealed violations and will refund the money to all affected subscribers.

In 2014 we produced a refund of 205 thousand people for total amount of 69,2 million rubles.


1. Last year opened a special short number *505#call, by which each client of “MegaFon” can independently verify the existence of subscriptions.

2. MegaFon has offered the clients new service — “Content score”. The new solution allows you to manage the costs for reference and entertainment services that relate to content services with partners. Details:

3. In the near future “the Megaphone” plans to amend the personal account of the subscriber, then have a simple and convenient way of managing your subscriptions.

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