FreedomPop SIM card for unlimited communication in WhatsApp

The operator FreedomPop has announced a SIM card that you can use for free to exchange text messages and make calls using the popular WhatsApp messenger in any country of the world. The new proposal is an alternative to the project ChatSIM, which provides for a monthly fee of EUR 10 per year. FreedomPop offers free access messenger.

FreedomPop is positioning its project as completely free, SIM card allows to use popular services for communication in more than 30 countries. The owners of SIM cards can unlimited send and receive messages using WhatsApp. Free plan also includes 100 minutes of calls and 200 MB of traffic per month.

For comparison, the owners ChatSIM will be able to send and receive via WhatsApp any number text message, GPS coordinates or contacts from their phone book for 10 euros. Sharing others content will cost more: for example, in Russia, EU countries, Turkey, the United States and Thailand, the sending or receiving pictures will cost €0,10 (7,6 RUB), video €0,50 (38.), voice messages – €0,025 (1,9 rbl.). Shipment of photos in the countries of the Caucasus or China worth €0,375 (28 RUB.), India €0,7 (56 rubles), Iraq and Morocco €1 (76 rubles).

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messenger. It allows owners of mobile devices to exchange messages, photos, videos and sound files. At the beginning the user base WhatsApp has exceeded one billion people. In February 2014, the service was acquired by social network Facebook for a record for start-UPS $19 billion.

To order a SIM card for FreedomPop on the website of the company.

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