Fresh beta gave Apple TV new features

Fourth generation set top box Apple TV has pleased many of us in Cupertino are not asleep, and continue to supply their product with new and interesting functions. Unfortunately, at the moment they are only available for software developers, but something tells us that very soon they will appear and in our TVs.

To install recently became available the sixth beta version of the operating system tvOS 9.2, has received several notable innovations. First, the set-top box adds support for folders in the manner of iOS, where you can add application icons to more convenient organization of the latter. Secondly, the modification of received interface application switching, and also adds support for dictation to search and enter your user name and password.

In addition, there is full support for iCloud photo Library that will make viewing your photos and videos to Apple TV even more convenient. The only thing needed to get these new features is to be registered in the beta program. However, as is often the case, it is possible that immediately after the presentation, 21 March tvOS public version 9.2 will be available for all users. So prepare for an update.

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