From China with love: a controller, a laser keyboard, fan and the housing for MacBook

We continue our rubric, which will tell you more about low-cost accessories and devices from China, is able to give us what we hardly ever get from Apple itself. Today we have prepared a selection that will allow you to protect your MacBook from water, to escape the heat and to fully enjoy the games, and also enter text on the iPhone or iPad without touching the screen or even without touching the keyboard.

Just note that the category is not advertising, because we have no commercial relationships with suppliers of the described products. In addition, we do not encourage you to buy those products, as we discuss: wandering through the online stores, you can purchase an item that you want more. Our goal is to tell you about the existence of these accessories. Don’t get confused by links to Chinese stores do not always perfectly Russified. These online shops in Russia in recent times are no worse than domestic, and offer free shipping, insurance packages and a money back guarantee.

Let’s start with a simple, very cheap, but extremely useful things. This stand, you can put your iPhone or iPad both vertically and horizontally. The special charm of this accessory is the ability to adjust the angle. Press the button on the side and select the required angle. Only costs 220 rubles, sold here.

And this curious gadget called B. O. W HB022A is a foldable keyboard for iPhone and iPad, which connects via Bluetooth and is made of solid aluminum.

As an added bonus, the kit offers a convenient stand for smartphones and tablets, which are also made of aluminum. Price — slightly more than 1,500 rubles, you can buy at this link.

In just 187 rubles you can protect your MacBook from accidental spill onto the keyboard of water or other beverages. Put this sticky, translucent and barely visible film — and perhaps it will save you from unnecessary repair costs. Of course, the presence of a mediator between the fingers and keys will inevitably affect the process of typing, but it will save you from unnecessary headaches. Buy this film here.

Summer is rapidly coming, the street and the house is getting hotter, and it’s time to come up with ways of salvation from the heat. Instead of carry around a morally and technically outdated fan, you can use this high-tech thing — a fan with a Lightning connector. Connect it to your iPhone or iPad — and will immediately feel the reassuring breeze. At just 131 ruble, sold here.

For fans of mobile gaming, annoying controls on the screen, offer great gamepad iPega PG that connects to iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. Yes, you heard right: thanks to the fact that the clamp can stretch to this gamepad, you can insert even the 9.7-inch tablet. Is this miracle a little more than 2000 rubles, you can buy here.

Finally, an interesting gadget for fans of high-tech toys. Put the miniature toy on the table, installed on the iPhone or iPad, you need a app from the app Store, made all the necessary connections — and on the table there is a laser projection keyboard that you can type text. It is hardly possible to say how this thing is useful in a practical sense, but it’s a great excuse to lure the girl out on a date to impress her. Costs 2500 rubles, sold here and in the video below you can see the principle of operation of this toy.

Of course, this list is far from complete, and we would be grateful if you share it in the comments links to similar accessories for products from Apple. I would also like to know what category of products you would like to see in our next article.

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