From China with love: hologram, straps, Apple Watch, iPhone on the handlebars and lazy selfie

We continue our rubric, which will tell you more about low-cost accessories and devices from China, is able to give us what we hardly ever get from Apple itself. Today we have prepared a selection that will allow you to convert iPhone and iPad into a holographic projector, to simplify the process of video conferencing, fast ride something else.

Just note that the category is not advertising, because we have no commercial relationships with suppliers of the described products. In addition, we do not encourage you to buy those products, as we discuss: wandering through the online stores, you can purchase an item that you want more. Our goal is to tell you about the existence of these accessories. Don’t get confused by links to Chinese stores do not always perfectly Russified. These online shops in Russia in recent times are no worse than domestic, and offer free shipping, insurance packages and a money back guarantee.

Our first product is designed for owners of Apple Watch, which is not satisfied with products available on the market straps. This simple adapter will allow you to wear your watch to any watch bands and bracelets, and not just those who have developed a Jonny Ive and the Apple’s partners. It is a miracle less than a thousand rubles and is available at this link.

And this cute accessory is a case for iPhone that you can put on hand and to wear during Jogging. By the way, in case the provided mount for headphone, so music you can’t hide. Price — 400 rubles and kopecks, sold here.

If you prefer to travel not on foot, and driving a car, then you probably will fit this original fixture. Holder mount for iPhone that attaches directly to the steering wheel, allows you with increased convenience and comfort to get the current status on the road, your route and other interesting activities on the screen of your smartphone. In limited action this thing is available for only 140 rubles here.

Flexible stand for iPhone mount for Desk and clip for cable — what more can a person who loves to chat on FaceTime with family, lying on your sofa? By the way, if you get another button for a selfie, but you can go shooting yourself without touching the phone. Price — 523 rubles, you can buy here.

Learn more about this curious thing you’ll tell our friends Misha and Yasha. We only note that in order to become the owner of a holographic screen for iPhone and iPad, do not need to do all that is depicted in the video. Just go to this link to pay some 263 of the ruble and overturned the table of the lower jaw friends guaranteed.

And the last hero of our today’s rooms — cute case, modification of which in recent times is very popular among iPhone owners. Individual charm — no need to open the “book” for taking a call: swipe can be done on a special surface that unlocks the phone screen. Price — about 600 rubles, sold here.

Of course, this list is far from complete, and we would be grateful if you share it in the comments links to similar accessories for products from Apple. I would also like to know what category of products you would like to see in our next article.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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