From cosmetics to technology: L’oreal has released a tracker for tracking the condition of the skin

L’oreal is not a brand that is synonymous with medical technology, but over the last few years it has made significant progress in the development of innovative solutions to protect the skin.

Many believe that the company, besides the production of creams individual does not do so, but she occasionally releases interesting gadgets. Previously, she has released an accessory called “My UV Patch” is designed to inform owners about how their skin affected by the sun and UV radiation. Now L’oreal has introduced a device that monitors exposure to ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, pollen and humidity levels on the skin of the wearer.

My Skin Track/UV was developed in partnership sub-brand of L’oreal for skin care – La Roche-Posay and Professor John Rogers of a man who created an e-tattoo with chips in 2016. Miniature device transmits information to a smartphone using NFC. Its main function is UV monitoring, and an interesting nuance is the integration with Apple HealthKit, which means that it also collects information about the level of humidity, pollen and air pollution. In addition, the gadget waterproof.

“Experts of the laboratory La Roche-Posay believe that good skin starts with healthy habits, so we strive to ensure that scientific progress was directly reflected on the consumers. So they can make informed decisions that will help them to exercise exceptional care for their skin,” said Toope, Leticia, General Director of La Roche-Posay.

The device is already available in Apple retail stores or on the website, at a price of $ 60.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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