From iPhone 8 with such a function will not give up even fans of Android [video]

Everyone who has experienced a shortage of cash, at least once thought about how to print this money, and thereby completely cover a financial issue. Perhaps a future iPhone will help to solve this problem. At least sure are the creators of YouTube project that Demonstrates.

Designers have prepared a concept of the iPhone 8, the main feature of which in addition to the “frameless” screen is a function of the printing of money. The device is equipped with built-in printer for production of banknotes. In order to obtain cash, the owner of the device, it is sufficient to prove your identity with built-in screen fingerprint scanner, and after a few moments the iPhone will produce a bill.

Will check for authenticity printed on iPhone 8 dollars, is not specified. Author Italian programmer Michael Makoski.

The artist, by the way, recognizes that even in theory making money with your own hands is not only impossible, but it’s also illegal.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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