From the App Store removed the app, which measured the pulse for 6000 rubles

In App Store there was an app that promised to measure bullets using the Touch ID. After the user resting a finger on the button, a window with the transaction.

Despite the tough approval process in the App Store, sometimes the scammers can cheat Apple. App Heart Rate was intended to check a pulse. The developers claimed that it uses Touch ID, but when the user puts his finger, with their accounts written off $ 90 (6000 rubles).

Attackers developed a cunning method of deception. When users pressed the Start button, there is a message stating that you have to put a finger on Touch ID. At the same time on the screen pop up window with the transaction, and in the background was displayed the numbers that mimicked the process of measuring the pulse. Thus, people transferred money to the fraudsters.

Is not known exactly how Heart Rate was in the App Store. Perhaps the developers have created an app that meets the App Store rules, and then released the update to trick users.

After the publication 9to5Mac, the App Store administration removed the Heart Rate. However, it is unclear whether the return deceived the users of money.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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