From the horse’s mouth: how was it working with Jabsom review

The legacy of the legendary founder of Apple is not limited to the great ideas that he has generously provided his company. Any triumph is always preceded by a long, tedious and often just routine work, and various aspects of daily operations jobs continue to rise to the surface even after almost five years after his untimely departure. The benefit of the employees that had the honor of working with Steve in the same team, always ready to share memories.

As you know, the requirements placed by jobs to his subordinates, were very high. In particular it concerned the design, and engaged in this sphere of activity of the company specialists faced an increased attention from the supervisor. Despite the fact that Steve has not always communicated with each team equally tightly, he regularly visits the unit of the so-called issues of user interaction (Human Interaction). Jobs arranged a meeting with this team every second Monday, and it is an original element, enliven the worker thread. However, the upside was the constant need to impress the boss what the staff had to work over the weekend, in preparation for his coming. One of the experts who had taken those days, recently shared with Business Insider interesting details about how it held such meetings.

Every two weeks we met with Steve jobs, and it certainly was a Monday. What did it mean? Yes, just every other weekend were not. The deadline for a task? New ideas to develop? It didn’t in this case, no value, and work on the weekend was in full swing always. And then came jobs and just carried everything to the nines. Sometimes a few of our ideas still had his temper, but they anyway had to redo it. This remodel we did for a week, simultaneously trying to do something new, and this two-week cycle has not stopped for years, said the former worker, who asked to remain anonymous.

Different people speak about the founder of Apple in different ways, but most agree on one thing: Steve loved to challenge his subordinates, and his reputation proves it. Around the personality of Steve jobs has started a lot of legends, one of which says that once the brilliant Director of “Apple” of the company rode in the Elevator with one of the interns, and he was unable to clearly answer the question, what exactly was his job. What do you think happened to this young officer? That’s right ā€” according to the legend, Steve jobs simply fired. Of course, no direct evidence of this history, however, this hearing goes to the staff for a long time. Of course, the hard style of management not everybody liked, and even Steve Wozniak, a bosom friend of Steve jobs and one of his main allies, at the initial stage of Apple, acknowledged that many of his best friends Who worked in Cupertino, I would never have agreed to work under terrible perfectionist again.

What do you think about management “Gabrovski”? Does today’s Apple in such measures?

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