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A year has passed since the release of iPhone 6. Of course, Apple has remained faithful to the traditions and by September of the current year has released an updated “six” — 6s and 6s Plus. Does the slogan “the Only news — all new” truth, or we will see only a cosmetic upgrade with a resounding marketing names? See our video!

Looking at the appearance of a new device (equipment and packing smartphone, we have already managed to study in Paris and in Moscow), can be solved that has not changed anything. Yes, it happens with a “dedicated” iPhone, because the letter s should not bring radical revolutionary innovations. And yet — brought.

  • Processor: Apple A9, dual-core, 2GHz;
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM, 16/64/128 GB of memory for user needs;
  • Display: a 4.7″, 1334×750 pixels, 326 pixels/inch;
  • Wireless protocols: GSM/EDGE, 3G, LTE (band 23), LTE Advanced;
  • Camera: 12 MP iSight 5MP FaceTime;
  • Extras: Touch ID 2.0, 3D Touch, record 4K video;
  • Weight: 143 grams;
  • Size: 138,3×67,1×7,1 mm.

Camera still stands, true, and strips of antennas are left in place, but in the same pink color they look very decent.

Pink. Sure! A new color iPhone. It’s not acid-pink, metallic pink and Hello Kitty. “Rose gold” — really deserved the name, albeit slightly synthetic.

Regardless of the color 6s new received a new case material — a familiar seven-series aluminum. The use of the new material should reduce the risk of injury is not particularly serious when contacts with a solid surface. And glass, according to foreign colleagues, with a new metal frame became more tenacious. Oh and Touch ID a new generation is really a super-fast scanner that triggers instantly and does not leave and a fraction of a second waiting for the reaction apparatus.

iPhone 6s feature an updated A9 processor with 64-bit architecture. The processor speed of the iPhone 6s to 70% higher than the previous generation, and the GPU is running 90% faster, providing instant feedback in demanding applications and games. And indeed it is.

We pozapuskali the popular entertainment and made sure that before seen a “classic” of “six” friezes and retardation were almost leveled. In many respects it is worth to Express my gratitude and twice the amount of RAM.

As for wireless connections, the iPhone 6s supports 4G LTE Advanced and LTE band 23. When you connect to a Wi‑Fi network iPhone 6s allows you to surf the Internet and download apps almost twice as fast. This statement still requires comparative tests, but on first impressions it’s really very, very smartly.

The operating system installed on the iPhone 6s out of the box — iOS 9, but was immediately offered and upgrade to 9.0.1. In comparison with “nine” on a classic iPhone 6 everything works fresher and more appropriately.

Okay, let’s not a long delay, the main feature of the new iPhone — it’s not aluminum, not color and not even tens of percent superiority of hardware over the previous generation. 3D Touch technology the display substrate, allowing the smartphone to recognize the effect of depression and to distinguish not only short presses and long presses, but also provide on-screen pressure when pressed. Why this could be useful in real life?

The first and one of the most viable solutions — move between running apps. It looks like a hybrid of sign switch on the iPad and updated the carousel menu applications. By applying small force on the left border of the display, we have the opportunity to go into a kind of “time travel”, going through the applications in the order in which we have addressed them. Additional functions of the application just as well could add to the action with 3D Touch. While the most useful functions can be found, for example, Notes, Camera or Reminders. There’s no need to go into Notes and to find where to add a new sketch. Reflexes don’t always work, so you stare into space hoping to find the necessary information, and don’t you think. The Reminders are the same. “Triditional” on the icon, once selected the list for future reminders.

In addition to default, similar chips are already supported and third-party applications: Instagram, for example, allows you to quickly post a photo and Shazam to identify the track. While the expense is high for dozens of supported apps, but the developers have a lot of time. Just for this, you can easily see the difference between tap, longtap and three-dimensional tap — all insanely difficult at first, but then settled very quickly.

More 3D Touch works, for example, live Wallpaper and photo in living — “speed of life” the first depends on the strength of pressure, and the second “life” after this most touch. As for the Wallpaper, then we are not sure that in real life, this feature will hook someone for a long time. And here’s a Live Photo — it is quite another. But they are — in the camera.

In default the Mail app for Touch 3D you can quickly preview any message, archive a message or mark it as unread. The keyboard as a trackpad for more convenient work with the text? Yes it is easy. Just add some force when you press the keyboard and move the simple cursor movements on the screen. And in the mail, and in the other moments-a light touch is important, that one has to learn.

Well, to set the whole thing under their own power tap you can: hide it in the paragraph “Universal access” basic settings. You can select the pressure that will be comfortable for the owner of the new “six” and immediately this menu item to test the operation of this function.

The main camera of the new iPhone 6 with the letter s has better… everything: resolution, optics, matrix. This is not a surprise, because it would be strange not to have updated the module, when other companies actively “sawing” improvements in all possible areas of photographic field.

Fans-the videographer must evaluate the ability of a fresh generation iPhone to shoot video in 4K. Selects the recording resolution in the settings menu of the camera in your phone, that looks a bit sloppy, but good enough, especially if you have some extra space on the smartphone. Apple don’t make more devices with 16 gigabytes, with such delicious chips from the media area it to anything.

Everything else remained in place — and the slo-mo and panorama. In our view, the ability of 6s is very, very worthy. Needless to say, Photomania and videospornos we’re going to take it long and hard, will conduct a blind comparison, and the like. Now, this here tongue-tied transfers “Slow” and “Pano-Rama”… For such pages Appleinsider.ru usually goes to Samsung, but Apple, update, or spellchecker ORFO put the right word!

Live photos, forgive me for the repetition, would “literally revive your memories”. It’s not us, it’s Apple so said. But the idea is really cool. In this mode, you can get a photo and a half second of the previous and subsequent fragment. When you export the images you get like three-second video and full photo. Well, about the launch of the “living picture” with 3D Touch we’re told. Front camera learned one interesting feature: you can now use your screen as a backlight when shooting selfies. And it really works pretty well. But what is really there, it works perfectly!

Ah, Yes, the “Hey, Siri” works now without having connected the charger cable. And it’s great. Well, at least for the followers of the voice assistant from Cupertino. Someone not yet used to the idea of dealing with a soulless piece of iron, but things are changing very quickly, and soon it will not seem unusual.

About the battery mAh in 1715 we, alas, have nothing to say. The device went on sale just last Friday, September 25, and drive another fragile ions batteries in custom harsh realities it would be unfair. Although it charges quickly, we have already noticed.

We still have a lot of time and tests to enough to work with the generation of 6s and tell all the secrets, chips and tricks associated with new gadgets.

For the provided test device thank store UP-House.ru

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