Full review of iOS 11: better than before

19 Sep out iOS 11. The system received many new features and changes. We have studied in detail the upgrade and are ready to tell you about all the innovations.


Once again Apple changed the control point. Now he takes up the whole screen and contains more buttons. The user can select a portion of elements to be displayed in the section and change their location.

Reinforced clicking on the block of player, wireless connections, brightness, flashlight and timer opens the sub-menu. In the control, you can turn on and off cellular data, but the network type can not be selected.

In iOS 11 has a new feature which works only from a control point — entry screen. The corresponding button is enabled in the settings. In the recording menu, you can enable the microphone to comment on what is happening on the screen.

The lock screen and notification center

Notification center and lock screen in iOS 11 are identical. Now when you open the top cover, the large print shows the time and date, then the notification list. To view the messages on the lock screen, you need to swipe up.

Notifications are managed using gestures. A long swipe right will open the app, long swipe to the left it will delete the notification. With a short swipe to the left you can see the detailed notification and to perform an action — for example, to respond to the message.

From the lock screen, you can still go to the widgets page, or opening the camera. The same can now be done from the notification center.

Home screen

Home screen has undergone a small redesign. In the dock now are not signed applications, and some programs new shortcuts.

The signal has changed from the points on sticks of different heights, as in older versions of iOS. The battery icon became a contour.

App Store

Apple App Store has completely changed. On the home tab displays a collection of apps, tips and reviews, edited by the curators of the store.

Games and apps now separated and moved to separate sections. Next tab is “Updates”, and making a swipe down, you can see if there’s any fresh updates. But the previously downloaded apps are not showing. In order to see them, go to settings App Store account.

Files and iCloud

In iOS 11 a new app “Files” which replaces iCloud Drive. Now it’s a full file Manager where you can sort items, create new folders and share files.

In addition, Files support other cloud services: Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox. To third-party cloud service is displayed in the “Files” you need to install the branded app service.

Users of iCloud can turn on a family plan and share access to all files for family members.


The English Siri changed her voice and had learned to understand with what intonation and emphasis to speak to the user. This was achieved by using machine learning. Her “Russian sister” began to pronounce the words a bit for clarity and visibility.

The Siri interface has changed a bit user messages become larger, and the responses of assistant bold. Changed the activation button of the assistant — was round.

In addition to voice commands, Siri can give from the keyboard. This feature is enabled in the settings of the remote access.


Every year Apple Notes develop and gradually developing into the powerful service notes. In iOS 11 there are more possibilities for formatting text, and adding tables.

Another important innovation was the built-in scanner records, which copes with the task. After scanning you can rotate the image and apply one of the four built-in filters.


IMessage is slightly redesigned interface. Now font and from apps appear in the bottom. New effects send messages and the messages themselves can now sync via iCloud. In some countries you can send money via iMessage using Apple Pay.

Camera and Photo


In addition to the updated icons, the Camera app slightly reworked interface — filters are now displayed at the bottom.

On pictures taken in Live Photos you can apply special effects: loop, pendulum and long exposure.

Other changes

— Redesigned the app “Podcasts”. It looked like Apple Music;

— System applications has increased in the headers.

— In the settings you can enable quick activation of the emergency call;

— Changed the design of the calculator;

— Fonts in the phonebook were larger and fatter;

For large iPhone, you can enable the reduced keyboard;

— Added function “do Not disturb the driver.” When enabled, you will not receive notifications while driving;

— IOS device 11 can share a Wi-Fi password;

Camera learned how to scan QR codes;

— Created screenshots are shown in the lower left corner. Clicking on the thumbnail, you can edit or delete a screenshot;

— In the settings there is a new paragraph “Accounts and passwords”. There you can view saved passwords in Safari;

— Any photos in iOS 11 you can make a watch face for Apple Watch;

— Updated player Safari. Added the ability to rewind interval;

In the notification settings appeared standing banners that the user must close manually. They do not disappear;

— Quick data transfer between devices. To do this during initial setup to attach the smartphone to each other;

Programs that you don’t use can be removed, while maintaining their settings.

— Go to Settings — Basic, to turn the device off. Useful for users with a broken Power button;

— Redesigned animations;

— White background instead of transparent in the Wallet;

— New settings Air control Pods;

— New Wallpapers;

— Auto brightness is now located in Settings — General — accessibility — Adaptation of the display.

iOS 11 will be available on September 19. The update will get all devices starting from iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2.

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