Function save battery Opera 38 increases battery life and prevents overheating of the laptop

Opera announced the release of a new version of the web absorbates with functions of battery saving. The results of the test showed that this technology extends on average 50% of the battery life of the laptop, at the same time preventing overheating. This is especially important in the summer when people are traveling and taking with you on the go laptops.

Saving battery charge is made possible by the optimization of some processes, in particular, reducing the number of non-critical system tasks, such as background tabs, and other browser activities. While still provided the best fast browser performance.

As shown by the test developers, the laptop with the latest version of Opera with the function of save battery and turned on adblocker worked for 50% longer than with Google Chrome browser.

Watching videos, reading news and using social media not only leads to active consumption of battery power, but also to the heating of the laptop. As follows from the results of these tests, the Opera browser with the new feature of battery saving allows to reduce 3 degrees Celsius temperature of the laptop.

Saving function battery charge works very simply. Once the cable is disconnected the laptop, next to the search and address bar in the Opera browser icon will appear on the battery. Clicking on this icon, the user activates the battery saver mode on battery. The browser also prompts you to activate this mode, as soon as the notebook will be 20% charge.

Download chrome 38 for Mac and Windows at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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