Future iPhone may receive the stylus pen like the Galaxy Note series

Usually, new features are moving from iPhone to other Apple gadgets. But it seems that the smartphones of 2019 will be equipped with a stylus , like designed for the Apple iPad Pencil.

Future iPhone may receive the stylus pen like the Galaxy Note series

According to the “close to industry” sources, by 2019, Apple is preparing the launch of the iPhone, equipped with a stylus. The Corporation started negotiations with the producers of the stylus, not to repeat Apple Pencil and create for future smartphones something new.

The addition of a stylus make the iPhone similar to Samsung Galaxy series Note, the S Pen which is used with the end of 2011. Based on the work of the stylus in the Samsung is the technology of electromagnetic resonance, for which the screen must be installed additional panels. Apple will likely use the stylus on the “superconcentrator”, including for more favorable pricing.

It is assumed that the chips Apple A-series will be updated to be able to support ink.

In Cupertino have been working on stylus. In August 2017, was discovered two patent applications Apple stylus that will work on smartphone and tablet.

Series Samsung Galaxy Note, except for the catastrophic model 7 are very popular. The benefits of Apple Pencil and the increasing demand for smartphones with big screen can be a prerequisite to adding the stylus in the future iPhone.

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