Galaxy S7 “leaked” iPhone 7 in the test of water

Yesterday’s article about the resilience of the iPhone 7 at least one of the elements only confirms what we knew long before the presentation. Smartphone well suffered water treatments and functioned normally even after two hours spent in the pool. There is no external damage, except the missing possibility to interact with the gadget under water, the test could not be found. But it’s good that there are far less principled and completely devoid of a sense of fear reviewers, faced iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 is quite a specific test.

The guys from channel EverythingApplePro has loaded both models at ten meters depth, wanting to check which of them is “blown away” before. Thus, according to preliminary data, had to win it the flagship from South Korea. In his favor of the said a higher standard of protection IP68 water, in theory allowing the one a little longer to resist the elements at the increased pressure. However, contrary to logic and features, Galaxy S7 has died within five minutes of being under water at a depth of 10 meters (35 feet).

But the iPhone 7 in water-resistance of which is questioned even its manufacturer, showed himself a stiff upper lip. The smartphone not only “died” but continued to function almost normally, despite fell into the body fluid. She, most likely, affect the key “Home”, where the sensitivity after the water treatment has increased several times. Avoid breakdowns and cost of repairs edition we strongly recommends you to test the new product in the same way, since the responsibility for their actions lies solely on you.

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