#Gallery: How to remove for iPhone 6

Last week we talked about the fact that through the photostocks the owners of iPhone have to earn more money selling their high-quality images. In the Wake of this material the reader Andrii Peresadko shared with us some pictures that he made with his iPhone 6. We can not please your eyes on these works, and you know what: I think we have a brand new category.

To make sure that the photos taken with the iPhone 6, and not just any SLR camera, it is enough to read the EXIF data of the files. To do this, save the pictures to your Mac, right-click on mouse and select “Properties”.

If you feel that you shoot on your iPhone are not worse, we invite you to share your masterpieces. Upload your best photos to any cloud service, and leave a link in the comments. Of course, there are craftsmen who can easily replace the EXIF data, so we can only rely on your honesty. In any case, even if the photographer will give his “mirror” photos for the iPhone, this would be a great advertisement of the Apple smartphones and incentive to ensure that people bought them and did great photos. If your work impresses us — they have all the chances to be published on our website. Since Apple can afford to pursue a regular campaign called “Shot on iPhone”, what are we worse, right?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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