Gartner: competition between iOS and Android follows the confrontation between Mac and Windows

Research company Gartner has published its quarterly report about the alignment of forces in the mobile market. According to analysts, the share of iOS in the smartphone market continues to shrink, while the presence of Android is only growing. Analysts believe that the battle of the two mobile operating systems is reminiscent of the confrontation between Mac and Windows.

The number sold in the global smartphone market has grown in II quarter on 4,3% and reached to 344 million units, the report said the research company. In the first place by the number of units sold, is South Korea’s Samsung expressing 76,7 million smartphones and took 22.3% of the market. Followed by Apple, sold 44.4 million devices and took 12.9 percent of the global smartphone market – by 9.4 p. p. less Samsung. For Samsung and Apple are Chinese brands – Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi.

For the three last quarter, global iPhone sales declined 7.7%. The decline in sales of premium smartphones, the observers attributed to the fact that users waiting for release new devices in the second half of 2016. If we consider the situation globally, today Android is the dominant mobile operating system thanks to the wide choice of models to suit every taste and budget. The same is true for the PC market, where the most popular OS is Windows. And now Apple is facing the challenges that has ever dealt with: they were related to the PC market, and now smartphones. Apple products always had a high price tag and high level of security. Other manufacturers offer a more affordable solution, but at the same time they are more open. The situation is déjà vu: the company follows the strategy with the iPhone and gets the same result as with Mac.

The Russian market of smartphones in General, reflects global trends as well as worldwide, sales leaders are Android smartphones. According to “Euroset”, they comprise of 86.9% of the total, while the iOS device is 10.8 percent. In the first half of 2016 the number of sold devices Samsung became the market leader of smartphones in Russia, taking 20.9% of the domestic market and ahead of Apple by 9.9 p. p., follows from the data of “Euroset”. However, in terms of revenue in Russia, Apple has overtaken Samsung to 6% and now occupies a market share of 32%.

Samsung’s lead in the number of units sold is mainly due to the price factor, said the representative of “Euroset” Ulyana Smolski. “The average price of Samsung smartphones – 15 000 RUB., the iPhone costs an average of 37 000 rubles. in Other words, Samsung came to the Russian market before Apple, more present in the mass price segment,” she explains.

Representatives of Euroset and Svyaznoy say that Apple feels confident in Russia. According to Smolski, it confirms the dynamics of sales of the iPhone in the first half of 2016, Apple has sold 76% more smartphones than a year ago. “IPhone sales are growing as a whole on the Russian market, and “Connected”, – says the representative of “Coherent” Sergey Tikhonov.

General Director Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov believes that the case Apple unique: the company, in fact, one smartphone earns one-third of the total revenue in the Russian market of smartphones. The worldwide recession of the Pieces explains that the new version of the iPhone is not particularly innovative and the share of new brands – particularly from China, that sell more sophisticated products at more competitive prices. In particular, the Chinese company Huawei, according to him, today at the global level and has taken the place of Nokia.

All the interviewed experts have noted the growing presence of Chinese brands in Russia: their share for the year increased by 40%, says the representative of “Coherent”, and now Chinese companies are increasing their presence in all price categories in the Russian market of smartphones.

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