[GENIUS] Airdrop in OS X, the time in Windows on the Mac and search in Google for Siri

Reliability, coupled with the simplicity, is the cornerstone that Apple founder Steve jobs laid into the Foundation of the “Apple” of the Corporation. However, whatever the technique, its operation process will inevitably arise various questions. Sometimes they are caused by malfunctioning software issues, at least — the fault of the electronics, but, fortunately, there is a category of problems that can be solved without going to repair or buy a new device. These are the questions most often asked in the comments, and in the Genius category we will try to help.

In the first question it comes to difficulties in the work Airdrop is a convenient tool for sharing files in the Apple ecosystem.

If the wireless network is working fine (this aspect was discussed in one of previous releases), but Mac does not find other devices via Airdrop, you can try a very simple solution, tested by the author through personal experience. For this click on the Bluetooth icon in the status bar of OS X and open settings.

Now check again, whether the computer detected your gadget.

The second question concerns the use of Windows on Macs using Boot Camp utility brand.

At the time (sorry for the word pun) your humble servant faced with this problem which also was easy. The fact is that for timing Windows is based on standard GMT (the Average GMT time), and OS X on the more modern UTC (universal coordinated time). When the computer boots the OS from Microsoft is trying to synchronize time with the data in the EFI, which leads to incorrect readings. To change used Windows standard, should be entered in the menu “Execute” that is invoked via the key combination [win] + [R], command regedit.exe. In the opened “registry Editor” (left part of the window) we find the following entry:


Now create the right side a new DWORD value (32bit) called RealTimeIsUniversal, doing it double click the right mouse button, and assign a value of 1.

After the reset, the timing must be right.

The last question touches on the features of the voice assistant Siri.

Unfortunately, changing the search system assistant by default, but there is an ultimate trick, allowing Siri to search Google for. Just say “search in Google” immediately before the request.

As you can see, some problems are easy to solve on their own. If you encounter any of them, feel free to ask for advice in the comments to this entry, and how to make the gadgets easier and more convenient, you can find in the publications of the author with notes [OS X] [iOS] and [Watch]. Of course, in the discussion encouraged mutual assistance and the exchange of ideas, which are then taken into account in the preparation of the editions. I’ll see you next time!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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