[GENIUS] Download old OS X, the problem with Time Capsule and restore disks at the El Capitan

Reliability and simplicity are the two pillars on which the founder of Apple, Steve jobs built the Apple Empire, but sometimes even the most intuitive technique puts its owner in a dead end. Sometimes this is the fault of the software, at least ā€” due to malfunctions of the electronics, however, to the delight of users, a problem easy to correct yourself. It’s about these issues often say in comments, and in the Genius category we will try to help with them.

The first issue relates to the popular series of wireless devices from Apple ā€” Time Capsule.

Probably this problem (incorrect operation tracking IGMP) is typical not only for this series of devices, but also for separate routers like the Apple Airport Express. As a possible solution, you can consider using an earlier version (5.6.1) of Airport Utility application used to configure them. As the program comes along with OS X, to run the previous version on the current generation of operating systems will require a special build provided by a third-party developer named Corey Mahler (available here).

You can configure called “Multicast Rate”, which was abolished in later versions of Airport Utility and can be (theoretically) the default setting is set to “Low”. Configuration itself is located on the tab “Wireless” section of “Airport” under “Wireless Network Settings”). Select “High” from the appropriate shortcut menu is marked in the screenshot below, reboot your device and try to hold the stream again.

In the second question, given a reader under the name daykine, we are talking about the work of the updated Disk utility, which received a solid update to OS X Yosemite.

After selecting the desired partition option disk recovery is available from the menu “edit” in the status bar of OS X.

In conclusion, let us consider a given reader the same question, a detailed answer to which is, at the personal request, was given by him.

Apple is known for long life cycle of its products, however at times the purchase or use “guests from the past” is fraught with non-obvious moments. In this case we are talking about the first option, that is, the acquisition of one of the previous versions of OS X. However, given that OS X 10.7, Lion she was released in the distant, by the standards of the industry, 2011 and the problem is solved quite simply, to worry about it not worth it. So, if you are in such situation, carefully check the contents of your mailbox, including the junk folder for emails. Shortly after the purchase of a fixed asset on the specified in the Apple ID mail address are sent two letters, one of which is a special PDF file containing the product activation key and the other with the password to open the file itself (as you can see, the security issues in Apple suit is traditionally serious detail here). The next and last step is to enter the activation key in the embedded client the Mac App Store. The desired item called “Enter code”.

As you can see, some problems can be easily solved in the most that neither is home. If you encounter any of them, feel free to ask questions in the comments below, do not forget to send screenshots to Twitter, and how to make using your gadgets more convenient and easier, can be found in the publications of the author with notes [OS X] [iOS] and [watch]. In the discussion, as always, encouraged mutual support and exchange of ideas, which are subsequently taken into account when preparing releases. If you think that it is a system error, please report it to the developers in the relevant special section of the Apple website. See you next time!

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