#GENIUS |Notifications, and battery iPhone, shortcuts in OS X and the error 36 on Mac

Apple produces not only comfortable and beautiful but also easy to use products, many of which will master even a child. However, the combination of art and technology, with a light hand of Steve jobs come into our lives, by itself, cannot guarantee absolute protection of user confusion. Specifically for such cases and there is our topic Genius, which we understand does not require “surgical intervention” questions.

The first question that came to Twitter from constant reader Antonik1983, we are talking about notifications and their influence on the most controversial parameter of modern technology — autonomy.

Index Lock “and “Home” as the name implies, reflect the time use of the gadget not only on the application screen or in the menu “Settings”, but in the lock mode. An aspect that should be clarified is in the past. The fact is that every notification that arrives at the device, enables it by default display. If such events there are a lot of that in the modern scenarios are not uncommon, the aforementioned index will increase, and battery life, respectively — to decline. Your humble servant also faced this problem and solved it was very simple. To do this, go to “Settings” and select “Notifications” in which select applications and transfer them to the switch “show On lock screen” to “off”. The sound event will be played anyway, and the notification will be displayed after unlocking the device. What programs should not disturb the “sleeping” display — a thing especially individual, but first and foremost you should pay attention to the item “Mail”. Here you can choose to show notifications only for the list of VIP senders, which significantly reduces the operation time screen, if you get a lot of emails.

If you do not belong to the most avid mobile players, the following “under the knife” can safely send the game application. The number of notifications sent by them often exceeds all conceivable limits, so the effect of their fine-tuning is noticeable almost immediately. Well, for iPhone users in iOS 9 provides a temporary option — just put your iPhone display-down, and notifications will no longer turn on the screen. Feature is supported on all iPhones starting with the 5s, and for its correct operation you need to enable the “Calibration record of movement” under “location Services” under “Privacy Settings”.

The second issue relates to operate the Finder — built-in file Manager macOS.

Due to various logic interfaces the transition with the same Windows (and Vice versa) is rarely painless, and as a newbie author himself asked such questions. In order to quickly create a shortcut, go to the containing file folder (in the case of applications, you can select “Open” from the context menu by clicking right mouse button on the icon in the Dock). Then turn to the context menu of the file select the “Create alias” (Make Alias). The last step is to transfer the tag from the open directory to your desktop.

The last question is related to problems when working with library Photo macOS.

In such cases, the problem may be that the accumulated errors in the file system. On comes favorite “MacOS users” — Terminal program. Find it in Spotlight search and enter the following command:

dot_clean /Adrenolitiki

Do not forget to specify the full path to the library, carefully checking the drive, partition and subdirectory in which it is located. By default, music library is stored on the Macintosh HD in the corresponding user name the subdirectory “Images” of folder “Users” (Users). By the way, if you have any problems with the media library, we recommend you to try this simple tip.

It’s nice that some problems are amenable to solution even in the home. If you are concerned about any of them, be sure to ask a question in the comments below (or on Twitter where you can contact the author and make a screenshot), and how to work with technology Apple is easier and more efficient, don’t forget to learn from publications marked #macOS (OS X), #iOS and #Watch. As usual, in preparing editions of welcome camaraderie and exchange of ideas in the discussion to articles, but if you are sure that we are talking about a system error, the best method to help to fix it is to tell the developers in the respective section of the Apple website. By the way, if you are interested in the legendary company’s products, don’t miss this thematic material. See you next time!

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