[GENIUS] the problem to be Solved with wireless networks

Reliability, coupled with the simplicity, is the cornerstone that Apple founder Steve jobs laid into the Foundation of the “Apple” of the Corporation. However, whatever the technique, its operation process will inevitably arise various questions. Sometimes they are caused by malfunctioning software issues, at least — the fault of the electronics, but, fortunately, there is a category of problems that can be solved without going to repair or buy a new device. These are the questions most often asked in the comments, and in the Genius section, we will try to help.

Here and back everyday, and along them — and our constant heading. Today we will focus almost entirely on wireless interfaces, they occupy an important place in modern technology, besides on this topic has accumulated a lot of questions.

Traditionally, asking about the technology AirDrop to exchange data in the Apple ecosystem.

Despite the fact that unique solution for all cases is hard to find, dare to share something from my own experience. In the previous release of Genius, your humble servant discussed the problem of possible overlap of ranges between different wireless devices. The speech then went about losing the connection over Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) when using Bluetooth devices; about the same time the author observed periodic difficulties with AirDrop, and one of the assumptions was incorrect behaviour of the router. Fortunately, after the change thereof at a modern gadget, operating in the 5 GHz band, ceased not only “breaks” the connection, but the problems with AirDrop and Handoff even — entirely.

To explain it very simply, the technology relies on a stable network for fast data transfer. Many devices simply can not provide it work at the proper level, and the overlapping channels in the “legacy” bands complicates the already difficult conditions. In addition to the configuration of routers in an optimal way, the author tries to avoid the acquisition of network equipment under the brands D/TP-Link — products of these manufacturers have very extensive negative experience, way beyond the technology Apple.

A similar origin may have issues with wifi in OS X.

Model the router did not specify, however, if you have designed for the 2.4 GHz devices, it is recommended to find the optimal for your premises wireless channel. On how to perform this simple act, you can read in this article. If difficulties are observed after changing the channel, you can try to set different encryption types, and also make the access point visible if it is hidden. If there are additional options WLAN such as broadcast intervals (Beacon Interval Broadcast), it may be required. Typically, these functions are found under “Advanced” (Advanced). As for working in Windows, we should bear in mind that different OS in some aspects, including compatibility with wireless networks, because of many reasons can be implemented in different ways.

In the last question referred to the loss of connection on the iPhone when using the VoIP service.

The standard recommendation in such situations is to reset network settings in paragraph “Resetting” of the “Basic” menu “Settings” of iOS, however, another reason, as suggested by the reader can be installed VPN profiles providers and advertising blockers such as Adblock or Tunnelbear . You can delete them in the “Profiles” of the same section.

As you can see, some problems are easy to solve on their own. If you encounter any of them, feel free to ask for advice in the comments to this entry, and how to make the gadgets easier and more convenient, you can find in the publications of the author marked with [OS X] [iOS] and [Watch]. Of course, in the discussion encouraged mutual assistance and the exchange of ideas, which are then taken into account in the preparation of the editions. Until we meet again!

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