[GENIUS] “Treatment” of applications to Watch, blurry Wallpapers on your Mac and restore the data from iCloud

Whatever reliable was the equipment, during its operation, questions arise. Some of them are caused by malfunctioning software issues, others with Troubleshooting electronics, but, fortunately, there is a category of problems that can be solved without going to service center or buy a new device. These are the questions most often asked in the comments, and in the Genius category we will try to help.

The first issue relates to the current version of watchOS, which adds support for native (runs on device) applications.

With something similar collided and your humble servant, only in my case the situation was even more curious: after updating to a new watchOS app Telegram does not appear on the device. Fortunately, the solution was very simple — reinstall was required for “local” version. To do this, run the program Watch on your iPhone and select “My watch”, in the lower part of which is a list of installed applications, select the item called “problem” of the program. In the menu that you want to disable and re-enable the option “Display on Apple Watch”.

The second issue is the incorrect display Wallpaper OS X in some cases.

Most likely, in this case the problem is non-standard for a modern OS monitor — or rather, the ratio of its sides. Most of today’s monitors are designed for 16:9 format, while we are talking about the 4:3 screen. When setting image as Wallpaper system customize the image with 16:9 screens, thus the scaling can be performed incorrectly. The recommendation is simple: crop images to fit the native resolution of the monitor. To do this conveniently using the built-in apps View, where in the “Tools” menu item and select “Adjust size”. The images are in the folder /Library/Desktop Pictures ; go into it will help the combination [cmd] + [shift] + [G].

Finally we will talk about an issue that sometimes occurs when you update or restore system software.

To restore to iCloud stored information — such as contacts, notes, calendars, reminders, emails, photo stream/photo Library, data Passbook and Wallet, as well as bookmarks and passwords in Safari — need to log in to your account in the “iCloud” menu “Settings” of your iOS device. The restore from backup is required. Of course, the data must be synchronized with the repository, it has all the right switches in the above section should be included before the reset. However, backup is recommended in case of any failures or malfunctions.

As you can see, many technical problems can be solved in just a few minutes. Feel free to ask or give your own tips — the most interesting questions we will examine in this section, which also takes into account recommendations of readers. In the comments, as usual, encouraged mutual support and exchange of ideas.

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