[GENIUS] Ukrainian Apple services, failed to backup in iPhone and the problem with messages in iOS

Reliability, coupled with the simplicity, is the cornerstone that Apple founder Steve jobs laid into the Foundation of the “Apple” of the Corporation. However, whatever the technique, its operation process will inevitably arise various questions. Sometimes they are caused by malfunctioning software issues, at least — the fault of the electronics, but, fortunately, there is a category of problems that can be solved without going to repair or buy a new device. These are the questions most often asked in the comments, and in the Genius section, we will try to help.

In the first question touched a very vital topic concerning maintenance of machinery Apple and buy original accessories.

Let’s try to clarify the situation. An authorized distributor of Apple products in Ukraine is the company ERC. Under this status the company is responsible for warranty support on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the recommendations and policies of Apple, and this concept includes, of course, and service program for replacement of defective components. For your convenience, service commitments Apple run ERC through a network of authorized service centers (ASP) and reception points (ACP) in various cities of Ukraine. Click on this link, you will be able to find the best option in your city.

However, to learn the details of the replacement in each case (including possibly faulty adapters power supplies Mac), it is best to contact the hotline on 0800 777 302 , or leave a written appeal by completing a special form on the company’s website. It is worth considering that the warranty service in the ERC shall be devices intended for sale in the country. Check the serial number on the compliance with the requirement with this service. Don’t forget to read the conditions of the warranty and other important information.

As for the original adapters (forks), these accessories are part of the road adapter kit Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. You can buy it in the online Apple store and authorized Resellers in your area. List of latest special is on the Apple website, where under “Sales” you can select a country and city (for us it’s a paragraph “Other Europe”).

The reason for which Apple took such a long period of time, — the extreme rarity of failure and the need to collect sufficient data. For example, at the moment the company is aware of 12 cases of emergence of element failure, while for the specified period (from 2003 to 2015), we sold around 120 million Macs and more than 230 million tablets iPad.

In the second question there is a problem with backing up to iCloud.

Something similar was encountered, and your humble servant, and the solution was checking account for the presence of incomplete backups. To do this in OS X should open the control panel in “System settings”, where select “iCloud” and click “Manage” at the bottom of the window. In the menu that appears, you can delete backup, then try to copy again. In Windows this procedure is performed using software iCloud for Windows, which can be downloaded from a separate website Apple.

In the third case, we are talking about the problem in the operating system iOS.

Here you can recommend to update iOS and update/reinstall the apps themselves, since in current versions of system and Viber/Telegram problem the author has not been noticed. The culprits may be and third-party extensions — to manage them go to “Main menu Settings” and select “Keyboard”. You can also try to reset the dictionary under “Reset” in the same section, and in an extreme case — the iOS settings by saving a backup copy.

As you can see, some problems are easy to solve on their own. If you encounter any of them, feel free to ask for advice in the comments to this entry, and how to make the gadgets easier and more convenient, you can find in the publications of the author with notes [OS X] [iOS] and [Watch]. Of course, in the discussion encouraged mutual assistance and the exchange of ideas, which are then taken into account in the preparation of the editions. I’ll see you next time!

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