Get a free one in ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries for iOS!

I think very few people need reminding why you need the app for iOS Lingvo from ABBYY. This is one of the best mobile applications to translate words and phrases, which works without Internet connection, it allows you to use more than 50 basic dictionaries, and buy more than 200 dictionaries. And today you have the chance to get one of these dictionaries completely free: ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries for iOS will be five years!

The application will become an indispensable assistant while traveling, at work or school, allowing you to get accurate translation or exhaustive interpretation at any time, simply by using a mobile device. Great for learning foreign languages and traveling abroad or reading books and Newspapers.

Advantages of ABBYY Lingvo for iOS abound: cards for learning foreign words with support for cloud sync between all iOS devices where you installed the Lingvo dictionary, exercises for memorizing words: “Acquaintance” (card ā€” word translation) and “Lesson” (the card with the word translation on the back), fast translation of words from clipboard and many others.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of the app for a limited time you can grab one of 10 dictionaries in this app, which shares without cost from 119 rubles to 849 rubles. Tempting, isn’t it? Even more enticing conditions for obtaining dictionaries ā€” no random samples, subscriptions, and reposts.

All you need to do is fill out the form below, selecting one of the dictionaries and adding your e-mail that will be sent the promo code to the selected dictionary. Just like that! Promotional codes will receive the first 100 peoplewho fill out the form, so hurry!

How to activate the promocode:

1. To install ABBYY Lingvo for iOS (link below)
2. Visit from a mobile device via a special link should open the app and Lingvo window will appear enter the promo code
3. Enter your voucher code in the field promo code in the window that appears
4. Click on the button “Download dictionaries”
5. Now the dictionary (and) is available to download for free to store dictionaries in ABBYY Lingvo for iOS

Good luck!

Name: Lingvo Dictionary
Publisher/developer: ABBYY
Price: Free
In-app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app

36 peopleLink: Set

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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