Get ready for winter with “smart” clothing and accessories Dress Cote

If we here in Moscow, already wrapped up in scarves and jackets, more Northern parts of the country and even more so, now winter promises to be cold. However often wear the hat and earphones together is problematic, especially surround headset that ugly bulging, sweating from her ears, and indeed this is not the most convenient way to listen to music in the winter. Dress Cote the company offers this through a unique solution — a line of winter accessories for comfortable listening. Read the details in our video!

We in the editorial were two of the accessory — hat Hatsonic (hedonic) and wireless headphones Flaps (flaps) and accessories can not be called: they will easily become a full-fledged elements of your winter wardrobe. But everything in order.

Hatsonic — cool, stylish and, most importantly, a warm hat with built-in Bluetooth headset. Yes, you heard right: headphone and microphone located directly in the cap and does not stand out, except by touch. The playback controls are located on the side — you can increase or decrease the volume, stop or start the music.

Flaps hat though, and are not, but warm you will be too. It’s warm (in the literal sense of the word) wireless headphones with Bluetooth that has already received recognition from many users around the world. They made very high quality, equipped with controls and indicator light. Charged via USB thanks to a special cable.

Flaps can not only be a convenient way of listening to music in the winter, but also help answer calls thanks to the integrated headset. Side you’ll find buttons to adjust the volume and turn on or answer the call.

But what do these headphones sound quality? — you may ask. Flaps perfectly copes both with pop music and rock or tracks, rich bass. A wonderful combination of fashion accessory and really cool headphones.

To a smartphone, whether iPhone or Galaxy, they connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and can work in a mode of listening of music or up to 8 hours up to 120 hours in standby mode. To Flaps 100 percent charged in just two hours. Not far off new year’s holidays, and this gift will be glad to any girl.

To buy Flaps and Hatsonic in the shop Dress Cote on this and this link, respectively. Don’t freeze!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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