Get rid of the pile of chargers on holiday with Zetton17 review

Those who travel frequently, you probably know how hard it is sometimes to bring the charger and the smartphone and the tablet (maybe from camera and accessories). To make life easier on the road, in the line of Soft-Touch company Zetton was a place a charger with two 2.1 A USB outputs.

Buying cheap Chinese adapter, you risk to expose your device to danger — such as a rule poorly protected from power surges due to the lack of necessary fuses. Swiss reliability Zetton speaks for itself — we in edition long time use of adapters and cables by this company because they have proven themselves in the market.

We traditionally start with the packaging — a small box with a window and showing the main characteristics of the device.

Made Travel Charger 2.1 A soft rubberized plastic matte black color and very pleasant to the touch. Works on all networks from 100 to 240 V and has output voltage of 5 V or 2100 mA.

The main advantage of the charger is able to charge two device at the same time. Power 10 watts easily enough. For example, you can connect two iPhone, iPhone, and Android smartphone, iPhone and camera and so on. Can do without smartphones from Apple, so how does the Travel Charger with any device on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Impressive? And here’s what we thought. Is this charger 800 rubles, which with the current exchange rate is quite acceptable price for this accessory.

Purchase Travel Charger 2.1 A and many more devices from Zetton you can on the official manufacturer’s website.

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