GitHub buys Microsoft for $ 7.5 billion — is now officially

A few days later after reports surfaced about negotiations between Microsoft and GitHub, the software giant confirmed the purchase of the largest resource for developers for 7.5 billion dollars, writes The Verge.

After completion of the transaction, GitHub will be headed by the founder of Xamarin, NAT Friedman. The current GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath will leave the company and take a position as a technical specialist at Microsoft.

Some GitHub users were concerned about the deal because Microsoft had previously ruined the company that bought. So it was with Nokia and Skype. But Satya Nadella said that GitHub will retain the status of an open platform for all developers.

“We recognize a responsibility to the community that we make together with this deal. We will make every effort to enable every developer to create and innovate, and to solve the most pressing problems in the world,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

This is the second large acquisition Microsoft for the time that the company is headed by Satya Nadella. In 2015 Microsoft has purchased a social network LinkedIn for 26 billion dollars. According to the 2015 year, GitHub was estimated at $ 2 billion. It was assumed that Microsoft will pay $ 5 billion.

GitHub is the largest platform for publishing open source projects. The service is 85 million repositories that support the 28 million developers.

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