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Share music, share music need. Opportunities of sharing in the Apple Music abound — from copying links to send her email or on Facebook. But one original way to “Share” know not all.

You may have noticed that some editions insert to their sites cards from playlists from the Apple Music — they look something like this:

With the help of such cards you can listen to the tracks (though only excerpts), and this is enough to familiarize with the contents of the playlist. There is also a button to activate the subscription on Apple Music.

If you have a blog or even website, you can use cards to your friends, acquaintances or readers. To do this, select any playlist in Apple Music, open it in iTunes on your computer, and then click “Share” — “Copy the link”.

You will receive a link that looks like this:


We are interested in only the end of the references — namely, “pl.c0dac4ecae45454d8d7d6e1db899b7f1”. Insert it instead of the word “Link” in this code:

Ready! After that, inserting the card into the blog, you will get something like this:

Share your music original!

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