Google abandoned the “revolutionary” modular smartphone Project Ara

Google halted the development of an ambitious project modular smartphone Project Ara, submitted in June 2014. This was reported by sources to Reuters, noting that although Google refused to self-development, it can license the relevant technology to third-party manufacturers.

Freeze the project, Project Ara, looks pretty suddenly, after may 2016, the company introduced the project partners and announced that it plans to release the first modular smartphone this fall.

Modular smartphone Project Ara has attracted interest from enthusiasts and experts of the market. However, such devices are difficult to market because of their components that increase the cost of production of smartphones. According to experts, interchangeable modules for a smartphone so expensive and inconvenient to manufacture that it could not be compensated by the benefits of modular architecture.

TECHnalysis analyst Bob O’donnell said that he was not surprised by the cessation of work on the project Google Project Ara. “It was a scientific experiment gone wrong, but they move on,” he said.

One way or another, but abandoning Project Ara still does not mean that the project is delivered. And, licenzirebis the existing technology to its partners, Google can help them in developing their own modular smartphones.

Interested in the project from other manufacturers, the big question. After all, with all its advantages for the implementation of the project requires greater resources.

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