Google announced the closure of the social network Google+

Google said that covers Google+. Finally, the social network found a bug that revealed users ‘ personal information.

According to Google, the decision was made not only because of an error, but due to the fact that the social network almost no one was using it. 90% of visitors logged in to Google+ less than 5 seconds.

“Although our engineering team put a lot of effort and dedication to treat the development of Google+ for many years, it never attained great popularity among users and interest from application developers,” reads the Google blog.

Social network Google+ will finally be closed to users in August 2019. But she will continue to work for corporate clients.

Google introduced Google+ in 2011. The social network has often been criticized for imposing users. Previously, Gmail automatically tied to Google+, but in 2015, the company abolished the rule.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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