Google Chrome since September will start to block Flash

Google announced the termination of support for Adobe Flash in Chrome and switch to HTML5.

“Today, more than 90% of Flash on the Internet is downloaded in the background to support things like web Analytics. This technology slows the loading of websites, so since September Chrome 53 will to block him. HTML5 is easier and faster, and advertisers prefer a high download speed and saving battery. You will see improvement in speed and performance on many sites,” Google said in a statement.

According to the company, in September this year, Google Chrome will no longer automatically play Flash. Nominal support in the browser will remain, but it will be included only on the resources that rely on Flash. Previously the user will have to confirm it. The company also plans to provide system administrators the ability to completely disable the Flash support in Chrome.

“It so happened that Flash was to play a key role in displaying complex content on the web sites. But today, in many situations, HTML5 offers greater convenience, faster boot time and lower battery consumption. In other words, HTML5 has reached the stage of readiness. It is able to offer a superior user experience of interaction”, – said in Google. The company said it will continue to transition to the new standards with Adobe and other developers of browsers.

Note that Adobe Flash is considered the most vulnerable place software Mac. They are the source of security holes and are a favorite aim of hackers, being used on hundreds of millions of computers around the world. Recently Mac users have reported about a critical vulnerability in Flash that allows to cause a denial of service and to obtain control over the target system. Successful exploitation could cause the “fall” of the Safari and capture the attackers control over the computer.

For many years Adobe is trying to make Flash more secure, but to the application in two decades is a tough task. In December, Adobe admitted that HTML5 is the future of web animation, and released to developers content app Animate CC.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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