Google discontinued its Chromecast Audio

Google told The Verge and Android Police that it covers the manufacture of Chromecast Audio. The company sells remnants on the official website for $ 15.

Audio Chromecast is a tiny device that connects to old speakers via 3.5 mm audio Jack. using Wi-Fi, it acts as a transmitter and broadcasts music from the connected device to the column. In three years of existence, Chromecast Audio, he has not got the support of Apple Music.

“Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users who want to enjoy the music. We therefore ceased production of the Chromecast Audio. We will continue to support Chromecast Audio, so that users can continue to enjoy your music and podcasts” — said in a statement, Google.

Apparently, Google finally decided to switch to smart speakers for audio. The cheapest column, Google Home Mini — costs $ 50, and it has no connector for connecting audio devices.

Russia Chromecast Audio is not officially sold. But gray sellers, he remained available for 2500-3000 roubles.

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