Google followed Apple decided to reduce the Commission for developers from 30% to 15%

Apple and Google become more and more fierce competition in the mobile market. Immediately after the announcement of the iPhone maker about increasing payments to application developers by subscription, Google did even better offer.

June 8, Apple announced a new model of income distribution between application developers and the company. Publishers who manage to keep their subscribers more than a year, will receive from these users 85% of the revenue instead of 70%.

We will apply 60-day so-called grace period during which subscription can be terminated. If before the end of this period the purchaser will extend the subscription, Apple will not believe that she was interrupted.

As it became known, Google has decided to use the same model, but will not require developers to retain users during the year, and will allow them to immediately increase revenue. Analysts have estimated such a plan more interesting in comparison with the Apple announcement.

According to some reports, Google is already testing the new model with some publishers entertainment apps. Thus, the search giant wants to encourage greater numbers of users using company devices like Chromecast.

It is known that much of the success of the platform is ensured by the interest of developers. Google and Apple in this field become more and more fierce competition.

About when Google plans to introduce new rules of profit distribution, information yet.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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