Google has introduced a new method of two-step authentication for users of iOS and Android

Google has introduced a new method of two-step authentication that prompts the owner of the account permission to log in to your account from another device. The feature is available for smartphones on iOS and Android.

Now when you try to log in to a Google account c of unfamiliar gadget the account owner will receive a notification. The notification will indicate the device from which you try to log in and its location. In this case, the user is prompted to allow or deny the login.

To use the new way to protect iOS users need to install the search application from Google. Android owners will need to update the Google Play service, the new version should appear before the end of the week.

A new way of confirmation can be activated in the section “two-step authentication” of the data center, “My account”.

Users will still be able to use other methods of two-factor authentication, such as a confirmation code via SMS. But use different methods simultaneously fail.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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