Google has released a new version of Snapseed for iOS with support for the RAW format and a new filter “Faces”

Four years ago, Google swallowed up Nik Software, the German startup that created the popular app Snapseed for iOS and Mac. Analysts wondered why the search giant took this program, and in what direction will now develop the photo Department. The situation was clarified a year later, when Google released a new version of the client, become absolutely free. Today the company announced a big update to Snapseed for iOS devices.

Thanks to Snapseed can professionally handle photos on your iPhone and iPad. The app now has full RAW support for 144 camera models. Means mobile software, users can emphasize the dark and recover the bright areas of the image, to add structure and enhance detail, adjust the white balance, and more directly in the original image.

In addition, the app now you can select the compression ratio of the JPG and use PNG format (without losing quality) when saving images. The new filter makes it impossible to correct the focus, smooth the skin and brighten eyes.

Some call the app a competitor to Instagram, others believe that this software is rather competes with the mobile version of Photoshop. In fact right rather recent in Instagram the user can apply to your photos with just a few preset filters, but instantly share the with their followers. In Snapseed social component there, but if you edit everything, and in addition to a dozen completely different ways to give the images an original look and is quite traditional regulation of brightness, contrast and saturation.

The application provides tools for cropping frame to the desired format, several sharpening algorithms, as well as a unique function of adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation in randomly selected areas of the image. The result, even beginners almost always exceeds the quality and creativity of the image obtained by simple application of “filter” in Instagram.

Download a new version of Snapseed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available for free from the App Store at the link below.

Download Snapseed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [App Store]

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